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About RealTime Feedback

Every organization aspires to be a leading player. Moving towards its bright future, it always intends to shape the market or quickly adapt to the market dynamics. To achieve this, organisations firstly need to have a better understanding of its current reality, and honest data in real-time is a must for it. Secondly, the ability to process the data into sensible information for decision making. This is what Realtime Feedback intends to support the organisations by simplifying the collection of on-time honest feedback and support with analytics for the same.


Innovative Use of Technology

Realtime Feedback, innovatively uses technology to support organisations. It enables an organisation to create a web-based feedback box. The box is 100% white-label and customizable. Organisations, depending on their objective, can create an open text feedback form and connect it with a virtual box.

Every virtual box has its unique URL and QR code. These can be creatively used in posters, visiting cards, thank you notes, envelopes, merchandise etc. making it easily accessible for employees, customers or any stakeholders. These can be also be send over any medium be it an eMail, message, social media post etc. so that respondents can respond through their mobile, tablet, laptop from anywhere, anytime and even while they are on the move. The same goes for the concerned person who is in charge of the feedback. The responses, with analytics, is available to the concerned on a real-time basis. Every response is also notified as an independent email. The notifications, responses and analytics can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and via mobile, tablet or laptops.

It’s that simple. Create the box, circulate the URL / QR code and ask customers, employees or any stakeholder to respond to it. All the responses are collected anonymously into a virtual box which is available on a real-time basis to the concerned person. Data collected is presented on a user-friendly dashboard, helping the organisation to make decisions. Data is solely owned by the organisation and it is available anytime for doing any further in-depth research.

Realtime Feedback becomes a must to have a product for any organisation because it gives both strategic and tactical advantages.

Strategic Advantage

Early Signs

A whisper today, becomes a noise tomorrow. Receiving honest words on a real-time basis leads to see early signs of things that might become a problem of tomorrow. Organisations can take proactive measures to avoid getting caught in a fight tomorrow.

Dissolves Problem

Every act or system has a byproduct, which isn’t a problem. It lying unattended accumulates to become a problem. Receiving honest feedback from people may help refine the systems and also give insights on how to innovatively use the byproducts, turning them to your advantage.

Collective Responsibility

Together no task is huge. Two-ways communication and proactive actions build trust and a sense of responsibility amongst the people. Then come any task or problem, it all looks like a child’s play, as the team collective works on it.

Humane Culture

People relate more to the culture. Realtime feedback builds a culture of trust, inclusiveness and pro-activeness, leading to positive vibes amongst the people and a progressive chart for the business.

Better Picture

More pieces make a better picture. Anonymity also triggers sleeping stakeholders to speak up, sharing honest feedback. This brings in more perspectives to the current scenario. A better picture leads to pave a better path for a vibrant future.

Global Organisation

Trust is essential in the new world. Pandemic has drastically changed the way work is done. People are working remotely, from anywhere in the globe and in different time zones. Listening to people on a real-time basis and being proactive, builds trust in the organization.

Tactical Advantage

On Time, Real Time

On Time, Real Time

Delay in feedback is an opportunity lost. RealTime feedback facilitates people to give feedback on time, which is accessible to the concerned person on a real-time basis.

Completely Unidentified


Content matters and not who. RealTime Feedback maintains the anonymity of the person so that their feedback & communications can be honest. There’s also an option to reply anonymously.

Completely Unidentified

Private & Secure

People data, be it employees, customers, stakeholders or anyone, is solely accessible to the organization.

Hear The Truth

Words from Anywhere

Words can fly and reach on time. In the new world, a substantial portion of work has gone virtual. People are spread across the globe. It’s not feasible to meet in person but people can at least send a word across instantly, at any time from anywhere.

Hear The Truth

Honest Words

Honest words builds a legacy. Anonymity allows people to be honest & speak their heart. It triggers being proactive to appreciate and to take countermeasures for concerns, as well.

Direct Anonymous Replies

Uncovering EQ

Reading between the lines is the key. Open text response and its analytics help uncover the hidden trend and understand the emotional quotient of the people.

Data Analytics Features

Data Analytics

Making sense is the Eureka moment. RealTime Feedback’s friendly dashboard, plotting trends and deeper analysis helps with insightful decisions.

Data Analytics Features

White Label

Your word, your face. RealTime Feedback is a 100% white label product for organizations to use, which helps in increasing brand association with people.

The entire initiative of RealTime Feedback is to support organizations with honest real-time feedback, enabling appropriate decision making and taking an organization on a path to become more people-centric, futuristic and humane.

About the Organization

Realtime Feedback Pty Ltd is an Australian-based start-up. It is driven by the thought that to actualise an organisations vision, every business needs to adapt with time and metamorphose itself. The first step towards it is to be aware of the current reality. Honest data backed with analytics helps in having a better understanding of the situation and supports the decisions. And this what Realtime Feedback intend to support organisations with. Realtime Feedback Pty Ltd is a recipient of the Business Innovation Grant (BISI) from the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation, Northern Territory, Australia in 2019.



To develop innovative technologies for business transformation



Embedding technology for real-time feedback to achieve business excellence


Sulal Mathai


Sulal Mathai is an experienced HR Professional worked in Australia, Caribbean and India over the last 15 years. He is a Certified (CPHR) HR professional from Australian HR Institute (AHRI). He was a Finalist for the prestigious Dave Ulrich HR Practitioner of the Year Award from AHRI in 2019.

Sulal is a Co-Founder of ACET Migration, (www.acetmigration.com) with offices in Australia and India. He is also a Co-Founder of Ignite Potential Inc ( www.ignitepotential.org.au) a Not for Profit organisation established in 2018 for newly arriving migrants in NT, Australia.

Sulal often speaks at HR Conferences in Australia on topics such as HR Innovation, Leadership, Career Pathways and Cultural Competency. A community activist, Sulal is actively involved in the social arena and some of his community leadership roles are below.

Member, Minister’s Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs (MACMA) NT 2017-2021

Co-chair, Skills and Employment working group, MACMA

2019 AHRI Australia HR Award Judge for Contemporary HR Awards

AHRI Northern Territory State Vice President

Board member – Multicultural NT, Melaleuca Refugee Centre and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

Careers Australia TV program host in M4 TV, a Multicultural channel broadcasted from Australia